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The Penguinr/c P2300r Performance Chassis is currently the most advanced lightweight chassis availible for the TLT-1. This chassis improves the stock TLT-1 reducing weight, increasing the ground clearance, lowering CG, increases articulation, improves electronics placement, and reduces drivetrain bind. The P2300r is a revision to the original P2300. This revision allows the use of a Gear Transmission in the TLT-1 to improve climing capabilities.

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This kit includes all the plates and hardware that you need for conversion, except the Gear drive parts which are availible from Traxxas and Tamiya required parts list at the botom of this page. This chassis provides an excellent base for those of you that are looking to expand on the capabilities of the TLT-1, do to it's sturdy lightweght design and centered drivetrain layout. Protecting the gearbox is a removable replaceable G10 skid plate to keep your chassis in pristine condition. A pattern is included so that you can make a plastic gearbox cover to enclose all the gears for further protection.

Differential Skid Plate
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Electronic placement in this chassis is eased by providing an additional Radio tray to mount your electronics while allowing you to mount your normal Sub-C batteries at both the front and the rear of the chassis to aid in balance. (the stock TLT-1 requires a custom battery pack) These special trays are mounted 10mm lower in the chassis than the stock TLT-1 but do not interfere with articulation due to the innovative interlocking construction of the chassis. You have the ability to mount up to 10 Sub-C cells on this chassis. (stacked)

Front Battery Rear Battery
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In an effort to improve the articulation of the suspention we have designed a new Servo mount system that places the servo in front of the axle but is still protected fully by the stock bumper cage. This placement of the servo adds over an inch of additional suspension clearance while protecting your valuable electronics. An optional version of this servo mounting can also be used at the rear of the TLT-1 for four wheel steering and is availible separately. (P2308)

Servo Mount Gearcase
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The P2300r Performance Chassis includes many more features in addition to the ones mentioned above. Below is a list of the features and included parts associated with this chassis.
Parts and Features:
Complete Interlocking Graphite Chassis including:

Left and Right Side Plates, Front and Rear battery/electronics trays, Center Radio Tray (G10 Fiberglass), Front Gearbox Plate, Rear Gearbox Plate, Motor Mount Plate, Spur Shaft Support and Positioning Plate, Removable/Replaceable Center Skid Plate (G10 Fiberglass), Graphite Front Servo Mount Kit.
Special gearbox plates for use with Traxxas Magnum gearset.
See required parts list.
Full Travel Suspension Capable
Compatable with Sub-C batteries
(10+ cell capable - 5 on trays)
Velcro Battery Retention System
Lowered CG
(Battery Plates are 10mm lower than stock, Motor is 3mm lower)
4oz+ lighter than stock TLT-1.
Increased Rigidity
Centered Differential
Increased Static Ride Height
(34mm ride height)
Fan provision for standard 40mm fan
(additional motor cooling)
All hardware and Directions to complete Conversion
Optional: P2308 P2300/TLT-1 Servo Kit for Rear Steering

Required Parts to use this Chassis:
1985 - Teflon Wahers 5x8x.5mm (20)
1993 - Layshaft w/rollpin
1996 - Idler Gear
2388 - Planatary Gear Differential Set
3195 - Top Drive Gear
4687 - 87 tooth 48P Spur

3693 - Spur Gear Adaptor
4615 - Slipper Clutch Set (Complete)

9804181 - Joint Cup: 47201

(to order call Tamiya order line)
You may choose to use Traxxas sliders instead however, the stock suspension linkage will not be compatible and would need to be replaced.

Ball Bearing (5x11x4mm) (x6)

Side Veiw

List Price: $159.99
Part Number: P2300r

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P2300r Replacement Parts List:

P2300 Chassis Plate Set
P2300r Raised Radio Tray Kit
P2300 Skid Plate Kit
P2300r Gearbox Set
P2300r Motor Plate Set
P2300 Front Battery Tray Kit
P2300 Rear Battery Tray Kit
P2300/TLT-1 Servo Kit
(front or rear)

P2300r Option Parts List:

P2300 Replacement Skid Plate
P2300/TLT-1 Servo Kit
(front or rear)
P9000 Velcro Strap (x2)

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2006 Penguinr/c