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You have arrived at Penguinr/c's product ordering section. There are three different ways in which products can be ordered through us. These methods are by Credit Card via PayPal.com (quickest delivery, easiest ordering), Pre-paid, or COD (extra charges apply for COD).

Credit Card Payment


If paying with a Credit Card please use our QuickShop section (link below) or the PayPal shopping cart links found on our product pages. Shipping charges are based on the total amount of your order.

International Customers
will also need to fill out and submit the shipping calculator that appears when your PayPal cart is opened. This calculator adds the appropriate shipping surcharge for International shipping. If this shipping surcharge is not recieved with your order, processing will be delayed and you will recieve an email letting you know how much shipping should be sent through your paypal account for your order to be processed. This Shipping calculator can also be used by US customers to add expediated shipping to your order.

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Pre-pay or COD
Please use the link below in order to fill out a form that will be mailed to us. We will then send you an email with the total amount to be sent to us and where to send payment or you will recieve a confirmation request with the total amount to be paid for COD. COD Shipping requires that you confirm that the order is correct and wanted before shipping will occur.


To find out all of our shipping charges or to add shipping charges to your current PayPal shopping cart Credit Card order please follow the link below.


Please email us with your orders or use the Pre-Pay/COD Order Form above. Please remember to include your company name, phone, and contact name with your order.

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