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The Penguinr/c information section of our website is specifically designed to provide documentation that would be useful for anyone interested in remote controlled vehicles along with some dealing specifically with our products.

Tips and suggestions from our readers to add to this section of the site are always appreciated.

The Tuning Guide provides information on certain aspects of vehicle handling. This includes definitions and descriptions about what effects different changes have and how to determine what the possible cause of a problem may be.
Some information may not be currently avalible.

The Set-up Guide provides information about specific set-ups for each brand and type of vehicle and their particular strong points. Included are Team Driver and contributed set-up's.

The General Tips section provides information about storage, travel, basic maintenance, and modifications that can be done to enhace your vehicles performance or ease of maintenance, increasing your enjoyment of the hobby/sport.

The Reviews section provides detailed accounts of products from Penguin r/c and other manufacturers.

The Links section provides links to other hobby and motorsport related sites.

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