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Penguin r/c part #P3000, P3006, P3007 We have modified the original P3000 kit shock towers to provide additional adjustments beyond that of the original parts. As a service to our customers we are offering a 50% off list price upgrade of the P3006 and P3007 towers. To Qualify for this upgrade you must demonstrate proof of ownership for either the P3000, P3006, or P3007. Chassis sets with the original towers or individual original towers that have been purchased after 3.15.02 will qualify for a free upgrade to the new towers (proof of ownership and exchange required). Proof of ownership can include, Original Receipt, Original direction book, or Original header card sent to us. the best method of proof is sending the Original shock towers to us or if you have purchased directly from us (we have all purchases on record). For purchases after 3.15.02 you will need to send the original towers to us along with your dated reciept (original or copy). All individual purchases of the P3000, P3006, or P3007 made after 3.15.02 directly from us include the new design towers.

Penguin r/c part #P6003 We have found that some P6003 Center Graphite Brace for the Mugen MTX2 have a misdrilled hole which causes the center of the chassis bow. If your car is tuned with the bow in it it will not affect handling other than ride height. However, we will replace (free of charge) any P6003 sent to us with a new redesigned version that fixes this problem.

Penguin r/c part #P3706 Front Shock tower for the HPI RS4 2 series is undergoing a recall.. This recall involves a weakness when using the outer most shock mounting position on the tower. The current tower can be easily cracked and broken due to certain forces in that area. The fix for the current shock towers is to double the thickness by using a second tower placed directly on top of the current un broken tower.. To qualify for a second shock tower, free of charge, to fix the recalled part you must mail us (Penguin r/c) the header card and the instruction book for your unbroken tower. If your tower has broken, you must mail us the broken shock tower, if the tower is broken in the manner consistent with this recall you will recieve 2 shock towers to replace the broken one. This recall will be in effect until run #1 of P3706 Shock towers are exhaused.

Penguin r/c part #1100 and #1107 Rear Shock Tower recall. We have found that in some of the rear shock towers provided with the P1100 MR4 Performance Upgrade Chassis and sold separately that there is the possibility of the tower shifting under loading causing inconsistant handling. The fix for this issue is to countersink the four holes that mount the tower to the bulkhead. This can be a user fix or the shock tower may be sent back to us for the purpose of performing this upgrade . Future production of the P1107 Rear Shock Tower will include this fix.

2006 Penguinr/c