Penguinr/c offers COD Shipping and Handling as a convinence to those who do not have a Credit Card, wish to use PayPal, or wish to wait for the time it takes to Pre-Pay. Below are the current rates for COD Shipments.

COD Shipments are only availible for delivery in the USA ONLY

US Priority Mail (2-3 Day) COD

US Priority Mail
US Priority Mail
US Priority Mail
US Priority Mail
US Priority Mail
US Priority Mail

FedEx COD Services
up to $24.99
$25.00 - $149.99
$150.00 - $299.99
$300.00 - $499.99
$500.00 - $599.99
additional $100.00


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COD orders require a valid email address for confirmation. Once items are ordered you will be sent an email asking to confirm the Order, Total, and Shipping Address. If you do not recieve confirmation via Email of the order please contact us at the email below. If we do not receive confirmation of this email, the COD order will not be sent and will be cancelled. This procedure is required for legal issues regarding COD Orders. Orders may be placed via our web site by using link below or email to orders@penguinrc.com

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If you have any questions or comments regarding COD shipping please feel free to email us.

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