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The Penguinr/c P9500 RC-GT Splitter plates are designed for use in the RC-GT racing series and to give a scale racing look to your car. Front splitters protect the front end of your car while providing additional turn-in response via additional front weight bias along with aerodymanic properties to increase front downforce at speed. These splitters are designed to work with all bodies currently on the market through the use of different lengths.

Short -
For use with bodies such as the Toyota MR2, Mazda Furia, Porsche 911,
or other short overhang bodies.

Medium -
For use with bodies such as the Dodge Stratus, Ferarri 360, Honda NSX,
or other medium overhang bodies.

Long -
For use with bodies such as the Chevrolet Corvette, Lamborghini Muricialago,
or other long overhang bodies.

The P9500 Universal Splitter does require the use of a splitter kit for your particular vehicle. Currently the cars that we have splitter kits for are listed below in the Universal RC-GT Splitter Kits section. All splitter kits come with all of the graphite plates and hardware required to flush fit the splitter to the car. The splitter kits also come with a P9500m Splitter Plate. (other lengths and styles are optional)

We aim to have a splitter kit availible for most cars as soon as possible. If you do not see your vehicle listed, please email us and let us know that you would like to have a kit for your car. If you are local to us we may request to use your car as a template for design work. If that is possible please let us know in your email.

P9500 Universal Splitter Plates:


M1.5 G10 Splitter Plate (short)
M1.5 G10 Splitter Plate (medium)
M1.5 G10 Splitter Plate (long)



Universal RC-GT Splitter Kits:


Tamiya TA-05 RC-GT Splitter Kit
Hot Bodies Cyclone RC-GT Splitter Kit



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