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Penguin r/c has transitioned inta a mainly OEM manufacturer of graphite product and prototypes for other companies and individuals within the RC and other industry requiring itemsproduced from graphite plate. In doing so we still support and produce all of the parts that are currently on our website though some items are made upon order as the vehicles that these parts are produced for may not be in production any longer. The information about car compatability is as of when the parts were originally produced so if there are any questions regarding fit please email us prior to ordering. If you are an individual or company looking to have custom parts produced for prototye or Retail markets please feel free to contact us for information or a quote at the email of

New Products are Now Availible:

GT10 Series products...
(Availible Now - special order please email)
P9500 1/10 scale Flush Mount Splitter - We have designed a specialized splitter for use on 1/10th scale touring cars. This splitter is currenly availible for special order which can take a couple of weeks to produce depending upon our internal manufacturing schedule. We have designs for a few vehicles through the link provided above, however, if we do not have one availible for your particular vehicle please email us as we are developing the special mounting kits for additional vehicles. If you are chosen to help us develop the splitter kit (through providing vehicle information and prototype fit tests) we will offer a discount on the splitter package.

Custom Order Product...
(Availible Now - special order please email)
P3100 Performance Chassis - HPI E10 Graphite Chassis Set

Newest Product...
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P6710 Performance Chassis - Traxxas Rustler/Bandit
P4720 Performance Chassis - Losi Mini-Slider

P2020 Performance Chassis - Tamiya TA05
P2300 Performance Chassis - Tamiya TLT1
P2300r Magnum Performance Chassis - Tamiya TLT1
P2300rGB Magnum Upgrade - P2300
P3500RS Hi-Performance Chassis - HPI Micro RS4
P3500/P3500lm (Limited Edition) Performance Chassis - HPI Micro RS4
P5500tc3 Performance Chassis - Associated TC3
P5500tc4 Performance Chassis - Associated TC4
P7500 Performance Chassis - Xray M18
P7500s M140 Performance Chassis - Xray M18

Penguin r/c Catalog Now Availible for Download:
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2004 ROAR Region 3 Champion - Mike Collins P5500tc3.
2003 HPI Challenge Dallas - Mike Collins P3000 and P3500lm.

click here for Mike's setups P3500lm and P3000

Individual hardware now availible to order through our quickshop section.

Here at Penguin
r/c you will find all you need to make the hobby/sport of remote controlled vehicles enjoyable. Among the information you will find on this site are tips and guides that will help you set-up and drive your vehicle to its, and your, maximum potential. Along with the tips you will have the opportunity to look over Penguin r/c's superb line of high performance products. You can purchase these products through our Quickshop Section and Product Pages.

Whether the information among these pages is used to your advantage is completely up to you.

We offer all of our high performance products online, however, we prefer you support your local hobby shop or one of our online dealers when purchasing our products.

To find one of our online or local dealers please use the link below. If you do not find a dealer near you, please feel free to have your local dealer contact us or HRP Distributing directly.

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Site Re-Design

We are currently in the long process of re-designing the Penguin r/c web site, eventually we will have everything redesigned to ease navigation, information, and improve online ordering. Most of the pages in the begining tiers of the Products section and our newer product releases feature the new design. During this redesign there will be some features and links which may become disabled or unavailible. Some information in some of the sections other than products may be outdated, such as our dealer list (contact us for dealers in your area). If you are looking for something specific that you have heard about and would like information on that product, such as the P3000 Chassis which is availible for purchase at this moment but is not in our ordering section or to find a dealer near you that may not be listed in our list. Please feel free to mail us at

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We are sorry for the inconvinence that this continuing update may cause.


Penguin r/c parts are available through HRP Distributing. If you are already a dealer of HRP, please feel free to order directly through them. HRP Distributing has access to all parts that are availible on this site. If you would like information regarding becoming a dealer please feel free to email us using our email link to the left.

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