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Penguinr/c is continually developing new products for many different vehicles. In order to let our customers in on what we are up to we are providing this page to give sneek peaks and information on products currently in research, design, or testing.

Sneek Peeks...

Tamiya TA-05

Currently in development is the P2020 TA05 chassis set. This chassis is being designed to refine the already excellent Handling characteristics that the TA-05 exhibits. Some of the features that are being incorporated are Quasi Grade Graphite which increases torsional stiffness over standard style graphite that is predominately used in the marketplace. The chassis is considerably stiffer and lighter than the stock plastic or the graphite impregnated chassis which allows the suspension to work to its full potential.

Designed into this chassis is the ability to use eiather LTO or Stick style batteries with the standard Tamiya battery bar. The full length upper deck can be used on the stock chassis with some minor modifications to the tub or with our lower chassis plate. The P2020 will include both the upper and lower chassis as well as all the hardware to convert the car and is currently expected to cost approx $122.99 retail.

Options shown in the pictures for this chassis include Front and Rear Shock Towers (Expected price $18.99 and $19.99 respective) these towers include graphite spacers to improve efficiency which are optional from Tamiya, Motor Guard ($11.99 expected), and the Front Bumper Brace ($17.99 expected). Other options in the works and not yet guaranteed to be availible are Velcro Battery Strap system ($12.99 expected), Steering Drag Link, and Rear Toe Plate Set-up. Parts that can be used with the stock TA-05 are the Shock Towers, Front Bumper Brace, and Upper Deck as described above.

Stay tuned for further updates as we are expecting testing to go rather quickly for this Item so it should be released shortly.
Below are some additional pictures of the revision 3 prototype.

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