The Penguinr/c P4724 Suspension/Motor Plate Kit is designed to add the finishing touches in durability and visual appeal to you Mini-Slider. This kit includes both front and rear suspension hinge pin braces made out of M1.5 Quasi Grade Graphite. These braces help protect the bulkheads and hinge pins from being bent or damaged due to impacts on the suspension arms. Over time impacts to the suspension can deform the plastic around the hingepins causing irregularities in handling that are hard to trace down. These braces help minimize those issues. The M1.5 Graphite Motor Plate is designed to be a finishing touch to the vehicle and to allow easier changes to the motor and pinion. This motor plate includes a larger shaft slot in the plate which allows for removal of the motor wthout having to remove the pinion on a wider range of gears.

List Price: $15.99
Part Number: P4724

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2008 Penguinr/c