Penguin r/c High Performance R/C Products
Upgrade Responsibly.

Penguin r/c is a top choice for advanced aftermarket products for your remote controlled vehicles. We strive to create the most advanced and effective parts and products availible on the market.

Penguin r/c Simulation Products

Penguin r/c is producing a line of performace products for the ever increasing arena of Online Racing Simulation. These products are being produced to the exacting standards by which e have always made products for our r/c line or other comapanies via our OEM services or through our Custom CNC Services.

Custom CNC Machining Services

Penguin r/c offers its CNC machining services to outside clients. We can create custom made creations from plate Carbon Graphite, Fiberglass, or Plastics. Penguin r/c has the ability to produce parts from prototypes to full scale production. All of Penguin r/c parts are produced through this division. Site is currently not active please contact via

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